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Whether you are looking for a weight loss plan, need assistance managing a specialty diet, looking to improve on an existing wellness program or insights on caregiving, the Daniel Health Plan is here for you. Each plan is tailored to meet your specific needs and style of learning so you're able to incorporate the plan into your lifestyle.


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Our approach to Lifestyle Wellness involves all aspects of your health, from nutrition to mind & body. Recognizing that "every body" is different, he uses a wide array of approaches that are tailored to meet your unique needs today and for a life time.Take a look at the health services offered below, and do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

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The stress associated with being president of a multi-million privately held company, combined with an overly aggressive attitude, resulted in a serious cardiovascular condition.   When in my mid 70s, I experienced high blood pressure (190/80), an enlarged left ventricle, and a damaged aortic valve.   Over a period of 3 years, blood pressure medication and an aggressive supplement program (consisting of . . . . . . ) lowered BP and reduced somewhat the left ventricle size.  However, serious and multiple business problems at age 77 reversed much of the gains, and the aortic valve deteriorated to the category of “serious.”   Surgery for valve replacement was scheduled within 6 months.
Daniel Gasparro, my Health Counselor and Nutritionist, developed and had approved by my primary care physician, a comprehensive pre-op supplement program, consisting of . . . . . . . .   I followed his protocol for approximately 3 months.  A few days prior to the operation, my surgeon said I should expect to remain in the ICU for a day to a day and a half.  I awoke  in the ICU 4 hours after the operation.  The surgeon and head ICU nurse were amazed at my condition and immediately released me to the “step down unit.”  While there, Daniel provided . . . . . . supplements, allowing me to be released from there within 3 days. 
The post-op supplement regime consisted of  . . . . .  which clearly aided in a speedy recovery.  Over a period of three weeks, local nurses came to my home to measure/monitor progress.  They, too, were utterly amazed at my recovery. I did, however, develop edema around both ankles.  Rather than relying on prescription medication, Coach Daniel provided . . . . . . . eliminating the edema within several days. Four weeks after the operation, my cardiologist conducted a stress test, the results for which were (in the words of the cardiologist), “exactly as they should be. ”After a few months, I completed my first post-op echocardiogram.  After analyzing the results, my cardiologist (with a smile on his face) said, “it’s perfect.  The left ventricle is at 4.4, exactly where it should be, with an Ejection Fraction of 55.”  Since then, I have followed a supplement protocol of . . . . . . .   BP remains in the 120/70 range with a pulse rate of 46-48.
Beyond any doubt, my outcome has been spectacular (no other word will do) because of the knowledge, understanding, and skill of my Health Counselor, Daniel Gasparro.  He closely monitored my condition through this  long-term endeavor and maintained a close watch on my supplement program.  As the VP of Product Research and Development of a local clinic, he is quick to identify and recommend supplement brand changes based on product purity and enhanced absorption.  I continue to follow his guidance.   As such, I’m able to follow a demanding exercise program, while performing multiple tasks on my 67 acres.  Not bad for an old man who will turn 80 this year!



"At age 39 I started a journey of renewal, spurred on by both a tip of the scale (weighing 200 lbs on a 5'8 frame) and an eye-opening health diagnosis (lyme disease, which had been misdiagnosed for a long time, despite clear impacts on my health).

Looking to make sustainable changes that would reduce real risks of diabetes and heart disease, while simultaneously tackling my lyme disease diagnosis, Daniel and I worked  with my physician to chart a new course.  Daniel played multiple roles during this journey: clinical expert, coach, teacher, and counselor. His goal was to not only achieve a set of clinical outcomes, but also to help me discover how to live a different, more healthy life and do so in a way that enhanced the treatment my doctor was providing. Daniel was committed to my success and only considered his job done when I truly understood what, how and why to change.

Today I weigh 30 lbs less  and have made concrete improvements across a range of clinical markers: moving from 'positive' or 'at risk' to solidly in the 'negative' or 'no risk' zone. I now confidently make nutrition, diet and fitness decisions that fit my busy, demanding personal and professional life. And I never feel like I am missing out or denying myself. With Daniel's guidance, I have made these changes seamlessly.  

Working with Daniel is not just hiring a nutritionist. You are embarking on finding a happier, healthier you. "




When I first talked to Daniel, I told him, “I don't feel well, somethings wrong with me.”  I explained that for about a year I had been getting ill.  There was a pattern.  My right ear would start to itch, then a tickle in my throat, then a sharp pain in my upper abdomen, then a nagging pain in my lower left abdomen,  then trouble controlling my bladder, then a fever, chills, nausea.  I would call the doctor, they would take a urine specimen, tell my I had a UTI, give me antibiotics and then tell me to drink lots of cranberry juice.  This whole scenario took about 2 weeks and was happening about every 6 weeks.  It started end of 2012, beginning of 2013.  By the time I started the program in October of 2013, my nails had stopped growing (they were actually peeling off layer by layer), they were nubs and very painful.  I had no energy, couldn't concentrate nor multi-task, would get short of breath climbing stairs.  This was very unlike me.  I'm a 59 year old woman,  worked my whole life, raised 4 children and have a 6 year old granddaughter that I watch 2 week nights and on weekends.   I've never been a sickly person, so when this was happening my friends and family kept asking what was wrong...”Angie, you NEVER get sick!”   I also was getting irritable over the stupidest things, whereas before I would laugh things off.  So, when Daniel said he could help me, I thought why not.  I need help and this will be my 60th birthday present to myself.

            The first thing Daniel did was have a long talk with me.  He then suggested I work with my doctor to get some blood test, which were much different from the one I would normally get. When the results came back, not sure I understood everything, there was a lot of information on hormones, cholesterol, glucose and more. What got my attention was the BOLD PRINT that said low or high. For example, cholesterol was 250 (LDL 183), Glucose 111 and the C-Reactive Protein was 8.10 (normal is 0.00-3.00)  I could see I was a heart attack waiting to happen!  As we spoke about the results I could hear the concern in Daniels voice, while at the some time he helped to calm my nerves and focused on the changing the course to a better me.

            I've always taken supplements (herbs and vitamins) and my doctor was keeping an eye on my blood work, but just encouraged me to eat better and exercise more.   And, I thought I was.

            Daniel took immediate action by recommending changes to my supplements and diet. I drink Apple Cider Vinegar every day before breakfast and dinner.  I ate Steel cut oats with cinnamon and Almond milk every morning for breakfast, Greek yogurt with honey and an apple or pear for lunch, and two snacks a day (a handful of walnuts and a handful of craisins for one and a handful of almonds and a stick of celery).  Now I'm a creature of habit and having the same thing every day for breakfast, lunch and snacks was fine with me. It was a lot less stressful than trying to figure out what I was going to eat and I never had to worry about missing a meal.  I could have whatever for dinner, but soon learned the difference between alkaline foods, acidic foods, fermented foods and what I call “live” and “dead” foods.  And, I was never hungry!

            Within a month I was starting to notice a difference in myself.  More energy, instead of getting angry at minor annoyances I started shaking my head and laughing!  I remember the first morning I woke up and thought “holy mackerel,  I have tons of energy and am wide awake”....I don't think I've felt that way since I was a kid! 

            Right now, I've lost 25 pounds,  am walking 3 miles in 45 minutes (on my lunch hour), can walk (fast) the 4 flights of stairs in our bldg (54 steps).  I did them 2x today and 3x yesterday.  I can concentrate,  I am happy,  I can keep up with my 6 year old granddaughter and sometimes out do her!  My hairdresser has commented on how healthy my hair is.  My nails are strong..AND I look fantastic in clothes!  I buy a certain brand of jeans and went from a size 12 to a size 8!  My dresses went from size 14 to size 8! 

            If anyone would have told me that I would be eating almonds, walnuts, avocados, black olives every day and lose weight and be healthy I would've never believed them.  I was told to stay away from the “fatty” foods...not good for your cholesterol. 

            Oh, and my blood work after 6 months?  Glucose 99, Cholesterol 185.  And that's just the beginning for me.  I will be turning 60 in 2 weeks, and thanks to Daniel I think my 2nd 60 years will be happier and healthier and more productive than the 1st.


At age seventy-seven I successfully completed a major operation for a protruding hernia.  Noteworthy is that this operation occurred within 6 weeks after open-heart surgery.   Both my cardiologist and surgeon approved the hernia operation so soon after the heart surgery because of my spectacular recovery from that operation.

My Health Coach / Nutritionist, Daniel Gasparro, advised me to continue with the heart surgery post op regime of . . . .  In addition, he recommended immune boosting supplements consisting of . . . . . ,  as well as IGF supplements.  Moreover, he provided a dietary regime to regulate food transit time through the stomach and intestinal track.  This recommendation eased considerably the hernia pain (off to bed type) associated with normal digestion.

The initial follow-up by the surgeon two days after the hernia operation confirmed   a successful procedure on his part.  A final check up three weeks later confirmed the earlier assessment.  Significantly, the surgeon commented on my prompt recovery and healing, particularly given the close proximity to open heart surgery.  Specifically, he said, “You can engage in any activity, but I wouldn’t do any sky diving for a while.”

Beyond a doubt, my recovery outcome can be attributed to the superb pre and post op supplement program and dietary changes recommended by Daniel Gasparro,  my knowledgeable, attentive, and detailed oriented Health and Wellness Coach (who should some-day get his doctorate in medicine!)



Daniel has been very helpful in restoring my overall health after major surgery (Colostomy from Crohn's disease) this past Summer. After losing 50 lbs, Daniel helped me gain back healthy weight through a diet plan tailored to me. Daniel is good at explaining the impact of certain foods on the body in a way that helps you to change your eating habits and be more conscientious of what you put into your body. The overall impact is a healthier and happier lifestyle. Thanks, Daniel!



"After suffering a ST segment elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) or massive heart attack at age 41, I wanted to return to my active lifestyle which included exercise as soon as possible. I was fatigued from the initial damage to my heart and experienced flu like symptoms from the statin regimen my cardiologist placed my on. Daniel patiently explained what was causing my fatigue in a way that was easy for me to visualize and comprehend. After adding the supplements that Daniel suggested my energy level increased and the side effects from the statin medication subsided. I was able to begin exercising to regain my strength and stamina. Within three months of the heart attack I was back to my normal exercise routing which includes a three mile run. My Ejection Fraction (EF) score went from a score of 45 or slightly under normal to 55, normal……

….the depth of Daniel’s knowledge and his passionate, skilled coaching through my recover allowed me to return to my normal active lifestyle within just three months of suffering a massive heart attack….



Having Daniel as a health coach really opened my eyes to how I was treating my body.  I was ignoring major health issues that were destroying my body.  Daniel taught me how to eat right and think right in my day to day life.  My body is healthier, my stress level is lower and my life is much more enjoyable.



I am a 78 year old woman suffering from many physical ailments due to past surgeries.  I have visited many doctors searching for help only to be ushered to the door with a script for some type of medicine with tons of side effects and risks.  Since working with Daniel, he has provided helpful information and guidance scaled to my needs.  Since following his dietary and supplement plan, I have reduced my stomach/bowel issues, gained more energy and reduce my arthritic joint pains.  I have loved working with Daniel and would highly recommend him to anyone.



I have known Daniel for several years and value and respect his friendship, but it wasn’t until my accident in February 2014 when I was faced with a life altering accident that I truly understood why God brought us together.It was a cold icy day in February when I was heading to my doctor’s appointment that I fell and dislocated my shoulder. After my visit to the doctor’s they fixed the dislocation and sent me home in a sling. It wasn’t until I started physical therapy that they noticed that I could not hold my arm up at all.  An MRI showed that I had torn the remaining three tendons in my shoulder and had muscle atrophy.The orthopedic doctor gave me a grim prognosis and stated I would most likely never be able to return to my barber job and cut hair again. My only option was possibly shoulder replacement which had so many risks and still would not guarantee any better results.

Daniel stepped in during a very rough time in my life where I felt lost, I was not able to use my right arm to eat, dress, work, drive, anything.  He optimistically looked at me one day and said, “you will be ok and you will cut hair again, I promise you.” And today, only 2 months after the accident, I am cutting hair, driving, eating on my own and feel stronger then I was before.

Daniel approached the problem in several ways.  He prepared a supplement regimen that included Collagen Hydrolsate and Colostrum. And also prepared an exercise plan for me to build my deltoid to help compensate for the torn tendons. I followed his advice religiously and I am back to work full time and feel so much stronger and happier than before. 

I owe Daniel a lot, not only for helping me recover, but being a self-employed barber, I was able to get back to work in half the time without any major risky surgeries.



"For nearly five years I've suffered with stomach bloat. I have talked to so many doctors and other so called healthcare professionals about my problem. Only to get nowhere. After a few conversations with Daniel, he suggested one simple test I did at home and in only a few days he determine my digestive problem was stress-related. After taking the natural supplements and focusing on stress-management techniques he suggested, my digestive problems are finally fixed. "




Daniel approached reaching my health goals with a regimen that was customized for me. His guidance with supplements, diet and exercise was key in getting my weight under control, lowering my cholesterol, reducing a borderline type 1 diabetes was key.
In working with Daniel he took me grocery shopping, helping me to understand food pairing for optimum benefits, I learned to read every nutritional food label, and understand how it affects my mood and energy level. I understand that diet and exercise, plus supplements are key to a healthy body and mind. The aging process can be slowed down, I believe, by following this formula.
In working Daniel I learned how to control my weight in a way that was beneficial to me. And he shared unique, yet simple exercises that completely rid myself of severe and chronic shoulder pain.



My daughter was struggling in school. She had difficult learning and retaining information.  I sought Daniel’s guidance to help me address her issues.  From the beginning, Daniel assisted in many ways; he guided me in getting her problem properly diagnosed, which ended up being Attention Deficit Disorder and then worked with me and my physician to develop a treatment program that relied as little as possible on medications. This was extremely important to me because it is well known medications have long-term side effects.  The treatment program Daniel helped me to develop took into consideration my concerns and incorporated my physician recommendations; these changes included dietary changes and natural supplements. 
Every step along the way, Daniel explained all the changes in terms I could understand and provided reference material that I could refer back to when needed.  My daughter is now 15 and has been on the program for 3 years and doing amazing, her GPA has gone from 2.7 to 3.2, made honor roll 2 times in the last 2 years and her overall test grades have improved. And the best part is she didn't have to give up sports to improve her grades.



Daniel has been a sound resource for me in two important aspects of my health. As a 53 year old male, my cholesterol scores were beginning to move into the 260 range. I was prescribed a Statin and the scores improved immediately by more than 100 points. But, unfortunately I felt chronic fatigue and soreness. I mentioned it to Daniel, and he suggested CoQ10 and Omega for Statin support. My scores improved a bit more and the side effects immediately subsided. In fact, I felt much clear headed and had a greater degree of energy. I've stayed with this combination now for more than a year with good results.
A second valuable recommendation was Echinacea/D3 for cold. Taken early in the cold cycle, I've been able to greatly reduce the time I've felt cold symptoms by improving my immune symptom almost immediately. I'm sure I was experiencing the same cold or flu as many of my co-workers, but with far less effects than any of them. I keep a supply ready as needed. Daniel takes the time to thoroughly research his recommendations and most importantly he carefully follows the results. Daniel has been a great resource to me and I appreciate his approach toward maintaining good health through all natural products. Certainly, he knows common remedies to apply, but as importantly has informed insight into many of medicines more complicated challenges. I would highly recommend Daniel as a resource for health care.